Reply To: CIDP neurologists at UCLA?

June 11, 2018 at 3:26 pm

There isn’t any neuro muscular doctor in Las Vegas (only neuro), therefore my insurance paid for UCLA consult and testing out of state (UCLA) to see if my neurologist and local hospital had correct diagnosis and agrees with treatment ordered. This neuro muscular doctor at UCLA spent 2 hour consult and only EMG test repeated in his office and did confirm correct diagnosis and treatment given in Vegas. In consult, he asked every test I was given in Vegas hospital and doctor office and dates given. Once I told him all the test and dates, he said it was not necessary to do all over again and spend more money (insurance and/or myself). I was very pleased and relieved that my neurologist in Vegas was doing everything correctly. Today (3 1/2 yrs later), I’m doing so much better.

Dr. Perry Shieh, MD, PHD
UCLA Health System (Center of Excellence)