Reply To: EMG Results

May 27, 2018 at 1:47 pm

So, yes… Mine started similarly. A variety of mei’s and such…. Finally to have 1 neuro tell me it’s diabetic neuropathy…. Well, ok so my numbers were slightly high. So then another wave of pain hours me and this neuro tells me that it’s a reaction to my med.. I say no, I’ve had this before and he dismisses me. So 2 weeks later, I’m crying and talking with my wife, telling her (like I have told all the docs), that there is SOMETHING going on with my body… She says get a second opinion. So I did…. This neuro, (thank God for him) actually listens to my whole story, reads my entire list I made of my symptoms with a timeline, and agreed with me…. There is something else going on…. So after 2 days of testing, 1. I don’t have MS… 2. I DO have a brain! 😁 3. I have elevated protein in my CSF and other markers indicating I have CIDP… So will be starting IVig hopefully within a month, especially since the 6 week apart nerve conduction studies shows deterioration. So, I hope this helps you and your situation. Good luck in getting the answers you seek!