Reply To: Cedars~Sinai Dr. Lewis

May 8, 2018 at 12:41 pm

I have been treated at Cedars-Sinai since 2008. Their specialists helped diagnose and treat my GBS/CIDP/MFS. I have participated in their special intensive 2-week rehab program for CIDP survivors, twice.

I transferred my care to Dr Lewis when he came on staff and Cedars became a “Center of Excellence”. I continue to see Dr Lewis, but now 10 years out from being afflicted, my appointments are no longer regular. I saw him last at the GBS/CIDP Foundation seminar in 2017 (held at Cedars).

I’ve not had a problem getting an appointment with Dr Lewis. He doesn’t take all insurances (he takes most PPO’s, Medicare Supplements, but few HMO’s)… so you will need to confirm if he takes your insurance before making an appointment. Here is the information you need to make an appointment with him: