Reply To: Pain in Legs/Feet While Sleeping – Anyone Else?

April 22, 2018 at 8:29 am

So, I may have actually found a solution, and figured I’d post it here in case it helps anybody else – CBD oil. Yep, pot. Sort of. The stuff I got has no THC in it, which is the phsychoactive component in marijuana that gets you high, and it’s legal to buy/use in all fifty states. It isn’t FDA approved though, so doctors will neither prescribe nor recommend it. I only found it because I was looking into legal medical marijuana options since a friend of mine who has dealt with chronic leg pain for years sometimes self-medicates with marijuana (the not-legal kind) and found that it relieves his pain greatly.

Anyway, after some research into different brands and methods of application, I got a little bottle of ‘Green Roads CBD Oil 350 mg’.

Took three drops under my tongue right before bed. It made me drowsy but had no other effect on my brain from what I can tell, but my legs didn’t hurt AT ALL last night. They started to hurt again around seven thirty this morning, guessing that’s when the dose wore off, but even then not as strongly as they often do and I was already awake because baby. (Am not breastfeeding, btw, which is good because this oil isn’t for pregnant or BF-ing ladies obviously.)

So, there’s that. It’s only been one night, so I’ll keep using it and see if it continues to help.