Reply To: Pain in Legs/Feet While Sleeping – Anyone Else?

April 21, 2018 at 7:16 pm

Glad, in general you are doing better. I’m shooting from the hip here. Maybe its a reaction to your high dose prednisone.

Try putting a pillow under you knees. I found during the first months of CIDP, if I crossed my legs or feet I would get horrible pains. Maybe your circulation is getting cut off?
Get tested and see if you are low on potassium.
Try drinking Enfamil or Enfalyte. You might be dehydrated.

For some reason, being on IVIg, I’m low on potassium and seem dehydrated, resulting in muscle cramps. I have found Enfamil helps to rehydrate me.

I understand as far as the job goes. I’m getting IVIg treatments twice a month. My insurance has a $3000 out of pocket limit. It literally picks up 100% of the rest of my bills. The hospital charges $36,000 a month for my treatments. I’d be in the poor house without my job.