Reply To: Pain in Legs/Feet While Sleeping – Anyone Else?

April 19, 2018 at 3:04 pm

First, it’s great to read that you are improving! But recovery can take up to three years and may never be complete. I had severe pain in my legs when I was in hospital, for which I took strong meds. When I started recovery I soon got off the pain meds, although I still had some pain symptoms which were not as severe as during the active phase. For a time at home I would still get occasional shooting pains in my lower legs, but over time they became less frequent. Now, several years out, I no longer have lower leg pain but I do have foot pain, which seems to be permanent. The severity varies with activity, however. At night it is more discomfort rather than pain.

Keep in mind that less than a year is a short time for recovery from this disease. You should continue to improve over time, although the rate of change will slow. There is a good chance that your pain will lessen to a tolerable level over time. In my case, although I have some residual pain, I take nothing for it. It is better to live with mild pain than to take pain meds, in my opinion.

Best wishes for further improvement!