Reply To: Recently diagnosed

April 13, 2018 at 9:46 am

Hello Ann:
I was referred to The Neuromuscular Clinic at Toronto General Hospital in October 2017.

After all the tests, EMG,Lumbar Puncture etc., I was diagnosed with CIDP.

I began IVIG with a 2 day loading dose in February 2018 and am now receiving a maintenance dose every 28 days.

The Clinic specializes in CIDP. They know all about it.

I understand that it is WAY TOO EARLY to tell but I believe I am having success with IVIG. Most of my sensory symptoms have gone or greatly lessened. I still have very crampy legs and feet but they are improving. Strength is getting better in legs, although they are constantly tight and occasionally buzzing.I have not had numbness from the waist down which previously I had.I work out at a gym every day and am even looking forward to golfing when the weather improves(?).

I was diagnosed within 1 year of onset, so I hope it was caught in time.