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March 28, 2018 at 5:05 pm

I have had good success with Gabapentin 1500mg a day, R Alpha Lipoic Acid 1 x 300mg 2 times a day. I too had similar results with Cymbalta. I also tried lyrica. I had significant weight gain, dizziness & severe blurred vision on the effective dosage Lyrica. And to a much less extent, also with Gabapentin. Although Lyrica, was best relieving my neuropathic, hand & foot Pain. It was the severe blurred vision, from Lyrica, that ultimately prompted me to stop taking it.

Gabapentin, has some of same issues. But for less a time span. I can take less of it. Or time it, so as to my advantage. (delay the dose to get myself home, ect). Anything to get around the severe blurriness. Where the Lyrica is so long lasting. It was a troubling problem. Particularly to drive at night. Or need to read medicine bottles, seriously can CVS write any smaller?

My life got easier when I finally found a competent Neurologist. What I needed was someone to work With me. It ends up I have an autoimmune problem, not Diabetes as was previously thought. So, My ALC which was high, to him. Is actually a normal number for me, for like 20+ yrs. Another point, Why 3 EMG’s in 2 years. On top of all that… When my weight went down 60 lbs, to my previous averaged weight. So did my, so called high blood sugar. My mistake was, I did not have any improvement with my first, 2 doctors, My GP or the 1st Neurologist. I went to a 2nd Neurologist. We had a severe language barrier. All he did was order another complete blood workup, and another EMG. Even though 2 previous ones showed demyelination. And it was getting worse. You need to try different things and mix it up a bit. I Keep records of what works and why. This forum is a perfect example. I send my Doc links all the time!

It is easy to lose resolve. Keep at it. Don’t overlook any success, even a little. I had to go to a Pain Management doctor to get an epidural procedure on my back. We later tried Nucynta. It was only approved after a step therapy program on Oxycodone. IMO, It was expensive, it had many drawbacks. For one insurance would only approve it for 1 year. And it was a problem every time I would go too refill it. (We don’t have it). I still have 2 scripts that are outdated for they were never able to fill them in the allotted time frame. So there was 2 pain management appointments for naught.

FYI: I had issues with IVIG. I had trouble with the loading dose, My Doc, lowered the dose, / still a problem. Changed IVIG amount and rate. I now take an IV pre-dose, 250mg prednisone slow push, a tylenol, a benadryl, A gallon of water the day of. And a gallon over the next 2-3 days. This is important. You to flush out your system.

I could not have typed this message a year ago. HANG IN THERE !

If you can not find a Doc. Look into the “Centers of Excellence.”

Are you currently on Disabilty?
I found out a few thing when shopping for Medicare, on IVIG coverage.