Reply To: Average time for full recovery?

March 23, 2018 at 12:37 pm

In early, almost my whole body was paralysed and I was coma for 5 days. 4 days after I wake up from coma, I gained back my motor function and sensory except my right leg(below knee). 2 weeks later I started my physiotherapy for 2 weeks then I could walk without using walking aid but still with the footdrop. Outer part of my right calf and my right foot totally numb(only small area of inner side of my foot still can feel normally) and I can’t move my right ankle at all. There is significant muscle loss on my right leg and calf muscle was very tense too. Almost after 8 months I could slightly move my ankle but only for plantar flexion not dorsi flexion and also gain back a little sense on outpart of my right calf. Now it’s almost 1 year for me I still having footdrop problem but the improvement I can tell is I could move my ankle slightly more than before and the sensory of my right calf not the ankle also gt little bit improve and the muscle is not so tense(I feel like left only 10% tense compared with before). The problems I have faced so far is just only I can’t run, jump and squat. I still able to go for weight training and I didn’t feel my strength got any differences compared with me before GBS(except my right leg). I was really frustrated and always asking my what if this is the best recover for me already(I believe that everyone here wish to be recover 100% like before getting GBS) until I read this forum. Thanks for everyone here who willing to share your experiences, it really did motivate people(at least me) to stay positive and strong. Things happen happened, we couldn’t change it so just be positive and patience. -Man believes in hope-