March 19, 2018 at 12:06 pm

Hello, thank you for the responses. An update here for you. I had my NCV test and EMG done on my left side (hand and left leg). This is the second NCV test done. The first was done on my left leg, right leg and right hand. The NCV test done this time around was a lot different. They had me soak my hands and feet in a warm bath which my first neuro didn’t do. When I asked the technician about this, she said it is BY THE BOOK and the only way it should ever be done because if your limbs are cold, sometimes it will cause your nerves conduction tests to give false information.

So the NCV test on the left side this go round was within range. Nothing fancy to report. Perfectly normal according to the doctor. The EMG portion on the left side was totally normal as well according to the doctor. I asked her is there anything else this could be because for two months now I have felt like total crap. Strange sensations, fatigue, major joint stiffness in hands and knees, unexplained groin pain, etc…

She said from a pathology standpoint there was nothing more she could do. She obviously did not see a reason to do a spinal tap because nothing alarming came up on the NCV/EMG or during her evaluation.

I don’t know what more to do. As I sit here and type this, my hands feel like they are on fire yet “pathologically there is no story to tell.” At the initial visit, she had talked about small fiber neuropathy but that wasn’t discussed at the second visit.

I am so tired of feeling so terrible. This AM someone shook my hand and it felt like they were crushing my bones. Yet again, I’ve had an ANA panel done (although it was very early in the symptom phase) and I’ve had my sed rate checked and C reactive. Again, so confusing there because One week my C reactive was 2.0 and the sed rate was 22 and then the next week I had it done at the neuro’s office and my C reactive was .2 and my sed rate was 2.0. How my inflammation could be that different in five days time is beyond me.

The main symptoms I am currently feeling aside from the sensations is bilateral pain in both hands.

Again – the only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing that has helped me is the steroids. When I told the neuro this, she said, “of course, they make everyone feel better.”


I’d guess if I wasn’t having pain before I was on them, they wouldn’t have really done anything for me. I don’t know why I cannot get any of these neuros to consider that if the steroid helped TREMENDOUSLY, there has to be something going on in my body.