Reply To: Your recovery, how's it going?

March 16, 2018 at 7:26 pm

Hi, I’ve had symptoms for 1 1/2 years….soles of my feet mostly, GP had no idea, went to physio for months with no change, back to doc and finally to neurology doc. At this point I was experiencing numbness starting to advance sole of feet became swollen toes don’t touch floor, balance unsteady. Hands are numb… Not good for a woodcarver! At least I can still hold my harmonicas. Numbness progressed, now knees to feet all numb.
One surprise was the numbness that started at the lower part of the rib cage, ar present I have a circle around my upper chest (a girdle that restricts chest expansion) I fall occasionally, walker and all. Difficult to stand up from prone position even with help as knees are so weak.
After four MRIs, two CTcans, spinal tap, angiogram (I’m 83 so I guess they’re concerned about my survival of the treatment)
I see a vascular surgeon April 3 to see about a narrowed artery in my neck that could cause complications during the IVIG. If all goes well I start treatment 11 April just in case, though, I plan on making my house more wheelchair friendly….