Reply To: Shortness of breath I mo after IVIG

February 26, 2018 at 2:06 am

I never had the IVIG thing but I had shortness of breath during the GBS attack and after mostly when in a crowd or when a friend was asking me multiple questions for example. Like being severely over whelmed.
I still don’t have full lung strength and I now think it’s another symptom of GBS now that I have the diagnosis a year after it happened because I have read in many sites that some people had to have breathing support during the attack and even others who were in a coma or were put into an induced coma. Turns out this syndrome can hit anyone at any level and I kinda feel lucky it didn’t stop my breathing or affect my head.
I’m tired of trying to recover because a year later I’m still trying to walk the length of a Half block. Not near that yet, my lungs get too tired first and then I feel weaker and as if I could just collapse. Must keep on tho even tho my PT is a nasty old thing with no compassion. She just thinks I shoulda ran a mile way back. She makes my lungs get tight just thinking about her before I go in. I’m hoping soon my lungs recover so I can do a block and at least make it to 7-11 some day, just to be able to do it. Ya,,, haha 7-11 is my goal and has been for a year now. I’ll get there.