Reply To: Shortness of breath I mo after IVIG

February 16, 2018 at 1:03 pm

Hello everyone

Thanks for your responses. I am in a funk today. Recovering from flu. I am having a hard time due to general weakness.Unable to do even the few things I was able to do.

I had an MRI during hospitalization. It showed spinal cord lesion c3 down all the way but the hospital neuro told me it was normal.

The second neuro is having my MRI repeated, I go this weekend.

The second neuro did an emg/ mcv again and it was normal. He thinks it is transverse Myelitis due to many reasons:

I recovered my reflexes in a very short time and my first NCV/ EMG was normal 5 days after IVIG as also my second NCV/ EMG even in a proximal nerve, unlike GBS and my fatigue has been excessive. I am able to walk but get tired and need to rest a lot to recover and I recover with rest. I also have urinary symptoms and lightheadedness related to slow heart rate. All these fits with Transverse myelitis.

He said the IVIG helped me since TM responds to IVIG as well.

I am sticking with the second neuro, he is in a tertiary care center. He is sure it is not CIDP.
His explanation of my symptoms makes sense to me.

I am still not ready for work due to fatigue even though I am able to walk!!!!Very frustrating