Reply To: Bilateral foot drop and unstable standing

February 13, 2018 at 7:36 pm

Jill Brickley – It sounds like the surgery was completed because of nerve damage thus muscle(s) weakness and decreased motion in the ankle.

JK – For an orthosis decision, you need to take into consideration: ankle muscle(s) strength,side-to-side ankle stability, and ankle range of motion.I would love to wear carbon AFOs but my ankles need more support than what the carbon AFO is able to provide so I wear custom, molded AFOs. Check with a physiatrist or physical therapist or orthotist to determine the best AFO option.

Balance activities: 1) Practice tandem walking; 2) Try keeping your balance while standing with 1 foot in front of the other foot (heel-to-toe) for as long as possible, 3) switch which foot is in front: 4) stand on one foot for as long as possible; 5) stand on opposite foot.