Reply To: Bilateral foot drop and unstable standing

February 13, 2018 at 9:57 am

I agree with GH. However, they also make a carbon fiber AFO.

Years ago I tried carbon fiber AFOs. Could have been 10 years ago. One of them cracked almost immediately. They told me no running, no jumping, no climbing, no golfing, nonsense. I went back to the ones GH describes. I do see many others wearing carbon fiber now.

There are at home exercises to help with your balance. One is to stand straight, feet together, ankles touching and cross your arms to opposite shoulders. Close your eyes. Do this between a door frame for something to grab onto. When you feel up to it, graduate to standing on a small pillow. Be very careful. Keep your eyes open at first if you must.

Do not quit your job. How will you provide for yourself if you quit?