Reply To: Anyone with Sensory Predominant CIDP?

February 9, 2018 at 8:33 am


I don’t have the same CIDP as you but I have sensory type and no weakness so far. I do get burning in feet and reduced feelings in hands/feet. I had trouble with balance and ploped my feet when I walked. I started IVIG in November and after the first 2-day treatment my balance got better and I stopped ploping my feet. I get infusion every three weeks of 80G Gamunex. I am 65 so I have Medicare (original) and a supplimental plan which pays for my treatments. I had to have doctor switch from original prescription for home infusion becasue that would fall under Medicare D Prescription plan which would have been very expensive for me. I still have burning in feet and when someting cold is placed on foot it still feels warm. My left hand usage has improved but is still reduced. I see my nurologist in April to review my progress and treatment plan. I have moderate fatique which is worse for a week after each infusion. I drink lots of /coffee/caffeine each morning but it doesn’t help the fatigue. I am able to still work but it is challenging at times. I hope and pray IVIG will help you as it has for me. Let us know how it goes.