Reply To: “Mild” GBS?

February 4, 2018 at 5:13 pm

Congratulations on both your upcoming wedding and having a mild case.

I don’t think anyone can predict how you’ll progress by that date or even how you’ll feel on that date, so “prepare for the worst and expect the best”. Keep in mind that even in “full” recovery, fatigue is a long-term side effect. And no two cases are exactly alike, so you may progress faster or slower, or get stronger before balance is improved, blah…..

Exercise in moderation. Consider wearing knee/leg braces- I used a pair of Ace braces for my ankles for a few months.

Paint your walker if it isn’t a rental, dress it up with ribbons if it is, fold it up and keep it handy. (My dad was a professional wedding photographer and I was his helper. I’m trying to not go too far here. So I’ll stop now.)