Reply To: IVIG stopped, UGH!

January 19, 2018 at 5:45 pm

Was treated for 3 or 4 months ivig treatment 5 times..It has done nothing!! I have muscle twitching throughout whole body.. I feel weakness in legs feet and slowly hands at times..I can barely stand long without a cane..My legs feel like boulders walking i hibble with a cane doing that 1960 bone test..U know that one vibrations knicks feet knees.. yet my doc says u dont have alot of weakness yet i do have numbness and Im like huh!! I take gapapentin 3 xs a day at 600 mg i been taking it fir 9 months im so used to it, it dont make me sleepy.. This doc is now stopping treatment, and referring to me a pain doctor in neurology in hospital for special surgery in nyc..This doc is also with them..Any help advice grtly appreciated..Sleeping at night for last year been a project! On top of this i have lung isuues breathing issues..Doing some research it seems my nerve damage is irrereversible!! Please help thks and prayers to ever is going through this awful disorder!