Reply To: Need advice

January 19, 2018 at 4:35 pm


First off you should know that you cannot spread or give CIDP, GBS, or transverse myelitis to anyone. THe odds of both your parents coming down with any of these ‎diseases at the same time is astrinomical. There is not usually a known trigger for any of these and I think transverse myelitis is usually a sign of MS. I suggest you find a nurologist and discuss your symptoms. I am 65 and have had herpes symplex 1 since i was a kid. Now that I am older and have less stresss I rarely have any outbreaks of sores. I cannot find any correlation between having herpes symplex 1 and my current condition of CIDP. My CIDP symptoms were so gradual that I could not find any event or events in my life that could have trigged the disease.