Reply To: Symptoms before CIDP attacks

January 15, 2018 at 6:31 am

It’s Polyneuropathy meaning both sides of the body like a mirror effect. However in my case flare ups are never equally distributed on both sides of my body. I would say 75% of my flare ups start on my left but I may have flare ups that affect both legs and my left arm and my right arm is fine. I also have much more major nerve damage on my left side of my body then my right according to EMG’s. It’s never the same.
When it was getting close to IVIG time the little things like sock and glove, twitches, hand, knee and lower leg tremors are always both sides of my body starting same exact times.
Talk to your Neuro and ask him to explain your EMG results and which nerves are damaged on which sides of your body to give you a better idea. Remember CIDP is different for everyone. We all share some common symptoms but we also have some that are unique to each of us.