Reply To: Please Educate Me On Plasmapheresis

January 13, 2018 at 2:16 am

Back to review replies in various PE posts and ask about how often many are getting plasma exchange?

Had 5x over 10 days in-patient about 7-8 weeks ago. Good response starting after 3rd TX and also restarted IVIG after the last one. Great results for 4-5 weeks but now things have plummeted and I’m probably worse than before with walking, balance, falls, grasping, lifting, rising from sitting, weakness, etc. Thats with a cane or walker.

Communicating with neuro but it doesnt sound like they have other patients receiving PE this frequently although from comments in thread, especially Jim and Gavol, it doesn’t seem that unusual either. My only real affect from PE was low clotting factors requiring a transfusion on off days.

Every 4-6 weeks seems really inconvenient for 10 days in-patient, but so is this near disabled condition I’m at now. Hope there’s not a lot of insurance pushback. It has been really good so far.