Reply To: Was I misdiagnosed? Here's my strange GBS story.

December 30, 2017 at 11:18 am

I too was amazed at how hard it was to be diagnosed. The first emergency room I went too, gave me a shot for pain, it only lasted a few minutes. A doctor came in later in the evening and told me all the tests they did came back fine and he was releasing me. I got full blown angry, I still felt like I was dying. The very next day I was in another emergency room, different hospital. My wife tells me now, that my BP was like 200 over 140, couldn’t really tell you because I can only remember bits and pieces. I was transferred by ambulance to another emergency room in another city. By that time I had lost my speech my hands and fingers, my back muscles, could not swallow or close my eyes. Finally got the treatment I needed at hospital #3. I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately here in the States, the insurance companies pretty much play the music the doctors have to dance to. A spinal tap is part of the diagnosis the insurance company will except for treatment. Does this make a little more sense?