Reply To: GBS recovery- please help

December 29, 2017 at 12:17 am

Yes, you should be happy to walk again. But you must understand that GBS is a life-changing disorder. While complete recovery is possible, it is not likely to be achieved in just a few months. It may be about three years to maximum recovery and the recovery may not be complete.

It is better to look at your progress compared to your condition when you were at your worst, not to your pre-illness condition. Look for things you can do which you couldn’t do a month ago. You must pace your exercise to your condition. You cannot speed your recovery by overwork, and may set it back.

You should have had physical therapy, which would have given you guidance on suitable exercises. This foundation has a guide to exercises which should be online.

As for controlling weight, that requires the discipline to match your food intake to your new level of activity.