Reply To: Knee replacement – help me!

December 25, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Thanks Eric, it seems that the IV treatment helped to stabilize your muscle weakness. I haven’t been able to do knee bend/squats since I contracted GBS in 1974. Or stand on tip toes, jump. My calves show atrophy as I was not able to regain those muscles. Even after 8 years of PT. In 2015, I was able to get up from the floor without using my hands. The doctor was impressed. Then fluid buildup in my knees, tightness and pain set in. I also experience greater instability. I had always had stability issues, like plush carpet, rocks, sand, it was hard to stand without leaning on something. But this new symptoms of steps, harder to do and lifting my leg to get in SUV. Doctors say knees are wore out from walking 42 years by compensating my muscles for lower ones that I could not build back muscle as nerves we’re not conducive. So unfortunately our outcomes are very different. I have been active for years, bike riding, bowling,walking theb dog on cold wonter nights and was very active and strong. I just did things alittle different and compensated for muscles that did not come back with the muscles that were stronger. To say the least I am very disappointed in my new demise. My weakness was very profound. I walked 9 mts after being in hospital for 4 months. I worked 36 years, had 2 babies, normal delivery, full term. No issues. Just trying to understand what or why. I see see my EMG results. Probably try to see if bracing would help. I live in Michigan so walking in snow is tough. I wear calf high boots that are like ski boots. They help. Sorry so long, really would like to hear from any GBS patients from 1974 to 1980’s. Curious about their progress. Thanks😊