Reply To: Newly Diagnosed "Mild" GBS

December 21, 2017 at 2:46 am

Thank you @LouLad for the response. I decided I would see my Neurologist in the new year, unless things get dramatically worse I will just go the ER. I actually think the worst part of this all is the uncertainty and the progression of symptoms can be quite terrifying. I’m trying to keep calm and just wait patiently. Only week 2 🙁 and symptoms much worse, hopefully will start recovering soon instead of getting worse. Still very lucky to have only a mild case, I am mobile at least even if some days its hard to lift my feet off the ground. Hope you all have a good rest over the holidays and feel better in the new year.

I find if I don’t sleep well I am so much worse. My neurologist said up to 3 months, but from reading this forum it seems it can take a year or more even in mild cases.