Reply To: Newly Diagnosed "Mild" GBS

December 19, 2017 at 8:05 pm

Hi all, here’s an update (102 days after the symptoms started)– the progression was slow and there was concern that it might be CIDP, but at two months the neurologist saw improvements in my nerve responses (almost entirely back to normal) and another month later continues to see improvement in my reflexes. I’ve been fully mobile the entire time but still am experiencing mild nerve pain and numbness, though the intensity and frequency has decreased significantly. Still having some weakness at times as well. It’s been frustrating (and stressful) in that it hasn’t followed the typical GBS progression but the neurologist expects me to make a full recovery, though she expects me to exhibit symptoms for another month or two. @Matt, it’s definitely a good idea to stay in touch with your neurologist; however, in my case, we’re just letting it run its course so the doctor hasn’t done much other than provide peace of mind. However, they might prescribe some medicine for the nerve pain if it gets bad so keep that in mind. Good luck!