Reply To: Newly Diagnosed with CIDP

November 30, 2017 at 12:01 pm

Well, I finished my second day of infusion yesterday. So far no side effects other than some moderate insomnia, which was worse after the first day, less last night. It is an uncommon side effect but I don’t think I had any more anxiety than usual to cause it. I was given Benadryl which i never take. Most medicines that make me sleepy cause insomnia so that is a possibility. I’ll see how tonight goes. Anyway, I came to work today and feel fine other that being tired. I could just be having a good day but i seem to have less foot drop today when walking; my feet feel a little different too. It could all just be a placebo effect but it would be great if the treatment would be effective so soon. I’m secheduled for my next infusion in three weeks. My max infusion rate was 150ML so it took 3.5 hours each day.