Reply To: Exercise during GBS recovery

November 30, 2017 at 8:37 am


I have been recently trying to exercise more. I had GBS about 21 years ago. I hope I am not too far out to respond, but my response may be helpful.

I find that exercise needs moderation. I have a FitBit and track my steps, sleep, etc. I have been noticing that after days where I get over 10,000 steps, I only average about 4,000 the next day. I need a day or two to recover. Of course, other factors come in, like what am I doing those days. But I feel it, too. I need a LOT of sleep when I get the recommended 10,000 steps a day and need to recover.

I am trying to get the 10,000 steps [or more] 3x a week, but it is hard. I get intense burning and numbness in my lower back and legs when I walk a lot and need frequent breaks during my walking trips. I push myself through it, but it is very painful.

Rest is the only thing that helps my pain. [And Neurontin!] I push myself a bit more than I should. I feel that I must stay active, but find that perfect balance where I’m not over-exerting myself.

Good luck,