Reply To: Joint Laxity and GBS

November 10, 2017 at 12:34 pm

@eft27 thanks for the reply. I have also considered it might be EDS, or a combination of EDS and something else. Whatever it is, it starts out as muscle weakness which then definitely caused (at least in my case) joint laxity. I sometimes think when the muscles go flacid, a whole lot of other structures do too (such as tendons and ligaments) and then everything gets loose. For me this caused instability in my ankles, knees, pelvis, and spine. As the muscles start to regain some of their strength (which some of mine have, but not all of them yet) these joints start to stabilize, so for me so far, my ankles and pelvis are much better, but still weakness in knees and spinal instablity. Awful stuff, as you know.

Curious for you, did you first get CIDP and then EDS, or vice versa? Just wondering how your symptoms began? Thanks again!