Reply To: Lack of clinical markers? What could be going on?

November 10, 2017 at 12:10 pm

@aamcw We must have the same thing, so if they ever figure out what it is, please let us know, and vice versa.

My symptoms started out exactly like GBS; lower leg weakness, bilateral, which then slowly progressed into my upper body, arms and then spine. This began for me back on June 24th and I am still undiagnosed and have been through a plethora of Doctors with negative test after negative test. Same thing happened to me back in 2009, crippled me for 4 months and no one could diagnose me then either, but thankfully at that time it just eventually resolved/remitted and my strength came back.

This time however has been much worse, and has also affected my spine (don’t ask me how, except maybe all the muscle weakness caused so much instability, my muscles could no longer support the skeletal structure, idn), but two months in, I then ended up with an annular tear of my L5 S1 disc as well as multiple bulging discs. Frustrating to say the least, because I sometimes wonder if I had been treated at onset if I might have avoided what this has done to my spine. 🙁

Anywway, I have another EMG scheduled this coming Monday so we shall see if it provides any answers. They will also be looking/testing for Mysasthenia Gravis this time around, which it sometimes seems like it could also be that.

I feel your frustration and hope you find some answers as well.