Reply To: CIDP Progess and retrosepction (Long)

November 4, 2017 at 9:47 am

Thank you Bryan.

I believe your participation in the Forum adds great value. This has been a tough road for me starting at 71 years old ! Now at 76. I feel that my age vs. younger patients makes things more of a challenge. The psychological impact was devastating. The Forum has given me some light.

To the point. I received 5 days of Previgin infusion without incident.
But since the last infusion on 10/27 I have felt worse than I ever have and it is not improving….so far. CIDP symptoms are exacerbated. Most of all is the intense pain requiring constant painkiller. My Neuro and Infusion Nurse are puzzled. I am due for infusion every three weeks. Next shipment is the 7th. I am told it is my decision to continue or seek other courses of action.

I do not want to discourage other newly diagnosed patients. Everyone is different and there are many good outcomes. I seem to be an exception.

Anyone else reading this is more than welcome to provide input.