Reply To: CIDP Progess and retrosepction (Long)

November 3, 2017 at 9:22 pm

Bryan F / CER100 / Paul G / Anyone Please Help Me
I am in the process of starting the IVig process. The initial load is five contiguous days, then every three weeks one infusion. Can anyone tell me what to expect right after the initial load. How should I feel? Same, better, temporarily worse? Other? I was told by my Neurologist and Infusion Service that the decision process to proceed for each phase is entirely mine. I want to be sure I have as much knowledge as I can gather.
Retired, five years on Prednisone with flare ups (pain), still can walk, balance on each foot. have feelings in feet, never fell, work on small home projects. Recent flare up not responding as well as in the past. Decided to try IVig.

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