Reply To: Exercise during GBS recovery

October 29, 2017 at 5:42 pm

For me, the fear of falling down the stairs and the concentration not to took as much energy as going up did.

I searched the net for disability disclosure laws-Australia and found DREDF (1992). (Looked at it long enough to see if it is similar to the US ADA (1990/1), but not so much to confuse myself.) [I only knew about the ADA because I took a series of classes in college for “students with disabilities” right as that law was enacted. I have a pre-GBS disability…]
One website I’ve referenced is http://askjan. That is short for Job Accommodation Network. It is US info, but you can get ideas on how to approach things.
Those should help with employers. I’ve tended to be as honest and communicative as possible without going into too many details. I’ve said something like, “My condition continues to improve” and if it comes up: “Based on all of the research I’ve read, there’s very little chance of relapse.”
Colleagues…you don’t have to tell them anything. What I have said is, “I have something like MS but in reverse.” I’ve been careful to not abuse bathroom breaks, not take one minute extra of break times, drink only water, and be diligent and hard-working. That was always the way I was, but I don’t want to give anyone a reason to complain…