Reply To: Social Security Disability

October 1, 2017 at 1:37 am

I was awarded SSDI on reconsideration. Which was only 10 months from my onset of GBS. In my case there is extensive axonal nerve damage and when I asked for my application for disability my neurologist had diagnosed that as a result of damage extending beyond the nerve coating to include the axons. She also detailed the damage to my bladder and bowel.And that the damage is permanent. As a result Social Security sent me for an independent exam by a doctor they selected. They approved me all the way back to onset. Then two years after onset they added Medicare. So yes you can succeed in getting disability But as was mentioned you may need time for your diagnosis and residuals to become clearer. But you can apply now so you have started the process since if you are ultimately approved you could be paid back to onset or the date you first applied. Be aware there is no slam dunk And if denied don’t dispair just go thru whatever you have to do. Esp if it becomes clear you will be unable to go back to work in a real and productive way. BTW I was 51 when approved. Take care DB