Reply To: Is there a maximum IVIG dose?

September 9, 2017 at 9:25 pm


Dr keeps throwing Prednisone changes in when the IG quits being as effective, but I cant tell it helps a lot and I have side effects from sleep issues, vision blurring, eye pressure, blood sugar (now diabetes), etc. Ive been at rather high doses at times e.g 60mg+ daily for long periods.

.Started loading IG dose 2gm/kg (in-patient 5 days) followed by 1 gm/kg at 4 weeks.
.6-8 months later moved to 2 gm/kg at 4 weeks.
.3-4 months later to 1 gm/kg at 2 weeks and then
.3-4 months later to 1.5 gm/kg at 2 weeks.
.3 months later its not holding now much beyond week one.

Dr had mentioned IG brand switch once before but last mentioned PlEx although after research it doesnt sound as easy and straightforward as described plus a major inconvenience repeating inpatient stays 2 weeks at a time. Id rather try IG brand switch or higher dosage hence my question.

I also cant find strong indications the PlEx will do better than IG but will discuss with Dr.