Reply To: Denver CIDP Specialist

August 28, 2017 at 7:25 pm

I just got diagnosed by a neurologist at PSL named Dr. Feldman. I have made an appointment with a hematologist at PSL named Dr Nash who I’ve heard very good things about. I was originally supposed to see Dr Wolff at Porter which is my primary hospital but his staff was so rude that I transferred my referral to PSL. Now I’m going to get a second opinion from Dr Antilone in his practice but at the Lonetree location because I can’t deal with those ladies at the front desk at Porter. My protein came back normal so not sure what treatment I will be receiving yet. I haven’t started PT for CIDP although I have done PT for other related stuff pre diagnosis at that was at Porter with Carissa who is wonderful. I have my Dr Antilone appointment Thursday then my Dr Feldman and Dr Nash the Tuesday after Labor Day so hopefully I’ll know more then. If there’s anyone or anything else you recommend please let me know. I’m a proactive person and a Denver native so traveling around Colorado isn’t an issue for me. Thank you for your reply.