Reply To: Anyone else have GBS of the abdomen/stomach/trunk/head (not limbs) ?

August 22, 2017 at 4:37 pm

Thanks for the reply GH. I never had any lvlg but my current immunologist and neurologist both said if I had it when I first got sick it could have helped, though they can’t say for sure. They said if I have a recurrence that it would be an option. No one I saw in the ER thought about it as a possibility when I first went after getting sick in 2009 because my arms and legs were fine. Per your question yes, the skeletal muscles of my midsection were affected. So for example if someone told me to to try to suck in my gut I wouldn’t be able to but I am able to sit up fine. I think maybe something with the stomach is involved too. They say damage to the gastric nitrergic neurons (whatever those are) occurs in people with post viral/infectious gastric dis-accommodation. I asked about stem cells but was told they are too experimental at this point.