Reply To: New working diagnosis of CIDP, starting pred

August 17, 2017 at 4:56 pm

Finally got to the UC Irvine Neuromuscular Center on Monday. Was examined by two doctors and they are doubting my Neuro’s CIDP diafnosis, but I am not sure why. They are going to redo the EMG and NCV tests, but I have to wait until November for that to happen. They seemed to be more concerned about the numbness and muscle wasting along the ulnar nerve in my left hand and arm than the fact I cannot walk.

New blood tests being ordered, including TSH, B12, autoimmune and neuropathy. Because I started having issues after all of my old mercury fillings removed, I am also being checked for heavy metals. I am now waiting to find out if insurance will pay for the blood tests. They didn’t like paying for the last batch, that included Lyme Disease and a bunch of other things.

It has been a long battle trying to get a diagnosis and treatment. I first saw my neurologist August 18, 2016 after losing the ability to walk September 2015. My money is running low after having to pay $7500 per month to stay in a nursing home. This current delay is driving me more nuts. Coming off of two months of Prednisone, which did little for me and now I have to lose 50 pounds.