Reply To: Muscle Atrophy

August 17, 2017 at 8:44 am

A full-contact sewing circle? Where’s the sign-up sheet?

Unless there are other circumstances that I didn’t read somewhere, a person should be able to recover from atrophy. I’ve done it twice: 15 years ago after shattering an ankle, and again 4 years ago with the GBS. I did it the second time while sitting in my wheelchair or in bed/on my couch while reading/etc… at first by grabbing a foot and “forcing” movement similar to standing toe raises/dips.

Also, from what I know, atrophy is not destruction, nor should it hurt unless the muscles are sore from regrowth. (I had Restless Legs Syndrome [from being an undernourished kid] and that hurt.)
Imagine the cartoons when a character swallows Alum and its head shrinks, but by the next scene he/she is back to normal. It was either Tom & Jerry or Elmer Fudd (Figaro, Figaro).

Nap time!