Reply To: Progress so far towards recovery

August 15, 2017 at 6:42 pm

Relapse or Recovery; GBS or CIDP:
I was diagnosed with GBS April 1, 2017 after being hit March 13th. I was diagnosed via symptoms and EMG analysis. I received 5 days of IVIG around April 3rd. That was my only IVIG treatment. There was no apparent change in my situation right away. Since May 1st I have been getting stronger in my upper arms and my legs. I also had double vision late and that has recovered. As I have gotten stronger, I seem to be more aware of a band of tightness around my upper arms, both arms. It is worse late in the day, better after sleeping. It seems to get worse, or else I am more sensitive to it as I get better. At times I fear I am relapsing. I am still very numb in my upper arms and my knees. I told my neurologist I wanted another IVIG treatment. He gave me another EMG instead saying my nerves were healing and were much better. My ankle reflexes and wrist reflexes are better. I still have no reflex at my knees. He said I did not need an IVIG treatment. I just dont know. I am wondering if I should get another opinion. My neurologist seems to be very knowledgeable about GBS. He told me he has two other patients currently……Any ideas? Thanks….