Reply To: Joint Laxity and GBS

August 14, 2017 at 5:51 pm

Hi Cer100,

Sorry to hear you’re not fully recovered yet and I hope you will eventually get better – 18 months is a long time. Have you tried any natural alternatives at all? Just curious.

I’ve been taking alot of vitamins these past two months, since this all started, hoping they might eventually help, but really haven’t noticed much of anything yet. Well, except my muscle weakness seems to have improved somewhat over the last two weeks, or at least stabilized, but the joint laxity is awful and really seems to be causing me alot of pain while walking.

Just had the EMG done this afternoon and the Dr. said all my nerves and muscles were working great! They all seem to forget how much difficulty and pain I’m experiencing while walking and only seem to see test results – it’s insulting. I’m in knee braces and am having to wrap my ankles but this doesn’t seem to make a difference to them at all.

I don’t know if an EMG would even show anything at this point when I’m over seven weeks since onset and I wish there were a GBS Dr. I could run this by and ask.

Like you said, I think I need a Dr./Specialist who is very knowelgeable in GBS to be able to identify all the symptoms I’ve had and am having.

My Rheumy wants to label it Fibro, but I can’t find any evidence that supports Fibro disabling people’s legs to this extent, or that flared up in 2009 and the cleared on it’s own after 4 months – it doesn’t make any sense.

Seriously discouraged. 🙁