Reply To: Cough? Short of breath?

August 6, 2017 at 5:45 am

Yes, yes, YES! I have a chronic cough, shortness of breath (sometimes even just from talking) and inability sometimes to get a full breath – that yawn reflex that B spoke of. I was recently diagnosed with lung disease, but I definitely believe that the lung issues and CIDP are connected. Rheumatologist says yes, but neuro says no.

Looking at the calendar in my head, I realized that my symptoms of CIDP, the chronic cough and shortness of breath all started around the same time. I wonder if the CIDP caused these lung issues from a mechanical standpoint (not being able to breath deeply because of CIDP) or if they are both part of the same auto-immune process. (I have been diagnosed with a few autoimmune diseases…Not that I have them all, but the doctors keep changing their minds.)

Can’t wait to start IVig to see if my lung issues improve. I’m encouraged to hear that some people have found improvement.

Am I allowed to ask you who you are seeing on the 22nd of August? I recently had a first visit at U of P for CIDP.

Wishing you healing on all fronts. God bless you.