Reply To: Pain with healing nerves?

July 25, 2017 at 12:16 pm

Hi Lisa: I have had a similar experience as you. I was diagnosed with the flu after having it on a boat for a week. The same day I got hit hard with pain in my arms and weakness in my arms and legs. I bounced from one hospital to another as they didn’t quite know what to do with me after testing for stroke, and more common neurological disorders. They suggested I may have GBS, but never tested me. After I was released I went to the neurologist that worked on my neck issues in 2014. He gave me the EMG and put me back in the hospital for IVG treatment. I am slowly getting better, but I have nerve pains in rings around both arms. It will get better and then worsen. I also can stimulate tingling slight pain in my lower legs by thumping my upper legs. My neurologist says I am much better. I am much more mobile. However, I discussed another IV therapy with him last week as I am never sure if the increasing ring pain in my arms means I am becoming more sensitive to the damage or if I am having a relapse with more damage occurring. It was the pain in my arms that was the worst at outset. I am considering another treatment even though I am obviously progressing as far as arm and leg strength. Best wishes…..Dan