Reply To: What's your typical reaction to your IVIG treatments?

July 14, 2017 at 9:09 am

Day 2, post 2nd round of 5 infusions, I woke up asking for something to throw up in. We were inseparable pals that day- until I remembered I have almost an entire full prescription of phenergan in my med bag. After I took one, I started feeling just a tad better-meaning I could let go of the bowl-but then the dreaded headache set in. It felt as if my teeth were going to fall out of my head, & I wouldn’t have minded a bit. Today is post-4 day & I woke up and could open both of my eyes at the same time. My left eye is still sensitive to touch-yes, touch-if I touch my eyelid, I feel excruciating pain towards the back of my eye. I’m hoping the 1-day infusions I have scheduled before I see my neurologist, aren’t as bad. I honestly don’t know if I can handle the side effects at home again. The headaches alone drive me to insanity. I wanted 6pk abs again, but puking my toes up was not how I planned it!!

Does anyone else get sick like this?