Reply To: questionable diagnosis

July 2, 2017 at 12:35 am

ok so as i await to do more work for something specific they want to test.. I’ve had a tough weekend in pain tremendous knee pain and in foot stabbing burning and some weakness in hands.Im taking gabapentin 400 ms my knee today has felt like someone is stabbing it and also pain in other knee.I have not been diagnosed but its frusturating.A friend of mine said to go to hospital earlier i been to hospitals enough the last month.Today i could hardly put weight on my leg for a few hrs and now as i write this it just started again the pain.My question is this has anyone had pain like this.Im walking with a cane i was hobbling on that opposite leg earlier.i don’t know if i should go to another near I’m awaiting my 4th to get into office after 4th to do bloodwork.All the bloodworm has been normal.If normal this time they want to do a spinal tap.on top of this i have ground glass on lungs causing me breathing issues and coughing.The breathing issues are better now but now i have a monotone voice.Im scared idk if its smoking of disorder like ms cider gbs tho it cant be that cause this has been going on 3 n half month now.Any advice helpful thank u.