Reply To: Cymbalta for nerve pain/side effects

June 28, 2017 at 1:54 pm

I was having horrible insomnia before my GBS. Cymbalta was part of the regimen they put me on in the hospital. I took one in the morning…I have been phasing off of it now. (Every other day.). I have had mild sleep problems at night, so I think it was helping me sleep, but didn’t make me feel groggy or doped up. Medications are so different from person to person. I was told Lyrica made you sleepy but one doctor said most patients will adjust and no longer be drowsy with it..I took one at night when the nerve pain was at its worst in the hospital. Maybe try Cymbalta at night? I am in the process of phasing off all my meds as I am customarily a person who takes nothing. But when my nerve pain was severe I had to get some relief. I hope you can find something that gives you relief w/out worse side effects!