Reply To: questionable diagnosis

June 21, 2017 at 10:34 am

Hi guys sooo fourth nerve test.. says i have sum weakness and abnormal numbers. My fingers while sitting still move now.Im on gabapebtin 400 mg dnt seem to be working esp at night. The other night for three hrs cinstant pain wehere i couldnt get up.This doc wants to test for other blood work at this point i feel like im a guinea pig.If blood comes back normal spinal tap.Im feeling weakness in hands just holding phone and my fingers also have like what looks like scratch lines goin down them.i cqn barely walk walk with a cane and still habe this cough for a over a minth i see pulmonologist tomm.Also saw cardiologist yest it seems this all systematic but im not sure.Its stressful i just want answers. It said at end of nedve test before mild demlyineating neauropathy this doc said its not as bad as it sounds. I can feel my body is just getting worse##