Reply To: questionable diagnosis

June 16, 2017 at 10:23 am

hi guys.. so i don’t know i have cidp but ihave many symptoms took third nerve test.. most things normal but at end it says mild demylineating polyneuropathy..Last night was the worst pain ever i both of my legs burning in both of my legs just around both knee caps non stop for hrs.This started month ago in feet.Before id be like oh i got a pain in ankle or knee a here and there now its worse!!Im taking gabapentin.On top of this i have been having breathing issues in hospital 3 times the last month cat scan shows ground glass non specific..i had pulmonologist appt a 2nd opinion for this cough that won’t go away but i could hardly move this morn i had to cancel.I notice when i eat I’m having problems swallowing a bit.Is this part of cidp.I have to go to a 4 th neurologist soon trying to go sooner than later.I can barely walk and also my heart is reduced.A;lot of stuff going on i know can anyone relate.Im prob going to have to do a spinal tap the nerve pain is now leading to my hands and my feet starting to look like frankenstein.It seems its getting worse and worse.Its frusturating out of work my parents think I’m nuts..Anyone relate help this concerned and worried
from ny