Reply To: Rapamycin: Has anyone taken it?

June 11, 2017 at 4:49 pm


I read an article from a link on Twitter two days ago about Rapamycin and its ability to repair Demyelinated nerves. Now I cannot find the Tweet or my replies to it. I wonder if so,Elmer had it pulled for being medically irresponsible?

It cited a study from the University of Baltimore and was vert scientific. It did mention the side-effects, but most of them did not seem any worse than with the other immune suppressant drugs being used. For me, the blood sugar issues would not make it a good choice for me.

I am seeing my neuro on Thursday and I need something try. No real improvement with IVig. I had a temporary improvement after five days of Prednisone, but it raised my blood sugar, requiring insulin. It wore off in two weeks. Same with six days of Solumedrol.

I still have two months until I get seen by the UCI Neuromuscular Center and I hate not getting any treatment until then. My neuro does not seem to know what to do and I just want to be able to walk well enough to leave the nursing home.

I am sure you understand the frustration.