Reply To: Newly diagnosed with CIDP and Breastfeeding

June 11, 2017 at 9:20 am

It sounds like you have gotten treatment very quickly. So,e wait months or years to get a proper diagnosis. Getting IVig is very difficult for many and you are lucky to get it right away, but it doesn’t always work for everyone, but it is probably the safest for you and the baby.

But if it does not give you some good results after three months, it might be necessary to go with another treatment. Prednisone has worked well for me in improving strength and numbness, but the effects are very short-lived and the side-effects of weight gain and raising my blood sugar to the point of needing insulin make the long term use not good.

Everything I research seems to have a downside, but my treatment was greatly delayed and I didn’t get a diagnosis until I could no longer walk, so there needs to be a lot of repairing what is broken.

Your baby needs you to be healthy and the other drug options would very likely not allow you to continue breastfeeding. If IVig, doesn’t work, steroids and immune suppressants are the next options.

Good luck and I do hope the IVig does start giving you good results.